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Electroplankton Set for DSiWare

Nintendo planning multiple mini download releases for Toshio Iwai music title.


One of the more unique DS "games" is getting a revival through DSiWare. Nintendo announced late yesterday a downloadable version of Electroplankton, to hit the DSiWare service starting next week.

Electroplankton originates as a 2005 DS game. Created by media artist Toshio Iwai and published by Nintendo, the game has players create music by interacting with plankton creatures. The game included ten different plankton interfaces which offered interaction through the stylus, and microphone.

Nintendo's newly opened Electroplankton official site offers video footage of all the plankton.

DSiWare will get multiple Electroplankton releases, each focused on a different plankton interface. The first set of releases includes Trapy, Hanebow, Nano-carp, and Beatnes, released on July 8. These will be followed by the July 22 release of Rec-Rec and Lumiloop. August will see Luminarian, Sun Animalcule, Volvoice, Marine Snow. Each plankton is priced at 200 DSi Points.

You can see first video footage of each plankton at the game's newly opened official site.

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