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First Look: Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Bonus Items

Figures for Ho-oh, Lugia, and Arcus for those who act quick!


Back at last month's World Hobby Fair, the Pokemon booth made mention of some bonus items that were being planned for those who pre-order Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Late yesterday, Pokemon Co. provided a first look at the items.

As detailed here last week, the Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes will arrive on September 12. Pokemon will be bundling a Poke Walker peripheral with each copy of the game, but has managed to keep the price at the standard ¥4,800.

Buyers will have able to obtain three Pokemon goodies depending on what they buy. Those who pre-order just Gold will get a figure for Ho-oh. Silver pre-orders will get a figure for Lugia. Pre-order both, and in addition to Ho-oh and Lugia, you'll also get an Arcus figure.

The figures are shown here:

Made by Kaiyodo, the figures will, according to Pokemon, be available exclusively through the pre-order program. They stand 6.5 cm for Ho-oh, 6.0cm for Lugia, and 8.0cm for Arcus.

The figures will be available only at select shops. The list includes Tsutaya, Pokemon Center, Toys 'R Us. See Impress Watch for a full list.

The pre-order program kicks off today and runs through the day before launch. Pokemon is making only a limited number of the figures available, so interested parties should act quickly!

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