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What is Space Channel 39?

This is a good question that really needs to be answered.


Earlier in the week, I posted some screenshots from Hatsune Miku. There was one costume of particular note in that set: Space Channel 39.

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I assumed I'd get a flood of e-mail from people asking what Space Channel 39 is. I didn't, but I'll fill you in anyway.

Hatsune Miku already has the Ulala costume from Space Channel 5. Here it is, in case you've forgotten:

The Space Channel 39 costume is themed around Space Channel 5, but it replaces the five with a thirty-nine. The number 39 has significance with Hatsune Miku Project Diva. The game has 39 costumes. And back at its Asobinasai private event, Sega said that it was going to make 39 announcements about the game (and they did!).

The reason for the significance appears to be that "Miku," as in main character Hatsune Miku, can be a cute way of reading 39. And that's it!

There was no Space Channel 39 outfit in Space Channel 5. There was a Space Michael, however. It would've been neat if that had been included.

The above gallery also has Heart Hunter, Plugin and China outfits, so if you haven't already picked up Project Diva, take a look in order to see the cyber cuteness your missing out on.

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