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Atelier Rorona Conjures up Bugs

Gust wants you to give them a shout out if you've encountered issues with recent alchemy RPG.


Have you experienced strange bugs with Atelier Rorona? Then Gust wants to get your feedback.. presumably in Japanese.

The company posted a notice at the game's official site on Friday concerning bugs. According to the notice, the company has gotten feedback from players about various issues with the game. It's currently looking into the origin of the problems and possible solutions and promises a report to follow at the official site.

If you encounter a bug and would like to report it, Gust asks that you include your PlayStation 3 model number, the specific details of the bug's origin, and the frequency of the bug. You can find an e-mail address to send your bug reports to at the above site.

Atelier Rorona is the latest entry in Gust's fan favorite Atelier alchemy RPG series. The game hit the PlayStation 3 on June 25 and placed 3rd in Media Create's latest sales charts.

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