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This Week's Puchifami

A good balance of anime conversions, Wiimakes of PSP games, boys love, and TOEIC trainers.


Every week, Famitsu unveils a bunch of games in a little capsule section way in the back of its issue. The games are usually minor, and there's usually very little written about them, so I've decided to write about them all together rather than doing individual stories.

I call this Puchifami because Puchi Famitsu would probably get me sued.

This week, a good balance of anime conversions, Wiimakes of PSP games and boys love.

Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn Battle Arena 2 Spirit Burst

Marvelous Entertainment's latest adaptation of the Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn! anime hits PSP on September 17, just about one year after the first Battle Arena. As you might expect, this is another fighting game, although with a beefed up character customization feature. The game is set in the current future setting of the anime, but has an original story.

The original Battle Arena.

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This new DS boys love simulation from D3 Publisher is being developed by Studio Altair and fupac. Set in the world of car racing, you play as a female journalist who comes into close contact with seven male characters, including a mechanic and a test driver. The game has the typical mulit scenario system you'd expect of a love sim, with branching paths chosen as you read through the story. A release is set for Fall.

Screens of Signal. So, uhh, where are the cars?

Last Rebellion

Nippon Ichi announced this Hitmaker-developed PS3 RPG first in America. The Japanese version is set for release some time this year. Set in a fantasy world, you take control of Nine and Aisha in a battle against undead monsters. Click here for a batch of screenshots that Nippon Ichi released on Friday.

TOEIC Test Official DS Training

IE Institute's latest DS English language trainer hits on August 27. Included are three modes that promise to prepare users for the TOEIC test using problems from official problem books.

Kamonohashi Kamo Aimai Seikatsu no Susume

That long name is just a DS game based off San-X's Kamonohashi Kamo character. This communication title from ASCII Media Works has you engage in dialogue with the franchise's characters and take part in mini games. A release is set for the fall.


Sony released a PSP version of this game back in 2006. Ignition Entertainment Limited, that game's developer, is doing the honors on its own for this Wii version, which hits on August 27 at ¥4,800. The Wii version uses direct controls, requiring that you tilt the Wiimote to guide your liquid mercury to the goal. Overseas, the PSP version is known as Mercury Meltdown.

Tears to Tiara Gaiden: Avalon no Nazo

Aqua Plus is delivering a followup to last July's Tears to Tiara. The story here is set in the days after the original. There are a few changes to the game's battle system, including the ability to swap out allies during battle. PS3 owners can look forward to the game on September 17.

Screens from the original Tears to Tiara.

Taishou Yakyuu Musume. Otometachi no Seishuu Nikki

This PSP adventure game from 5pb. is based off the Taishou Yakyuu Musume light novel which also gets its own anime this month. The franchise's story is set in the Taisho Era and focuses on Koume Suzukawa and her friends, a group of students who one day decide to take up baseball despite not knowing the first thing about the sport. The game features the same voice acting talent as the anime. A release is set for Fall.

Art from the anime version of Taisho Yakyuu Musume.

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