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Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden Promises Classic RPG Experience

Square Enix opens official site for new DS RPG and details new Crown System.


The calendar turned July 6, and Square Enix latest teaser site at last saw its proper unveiling. Of course, leaks from Weekly Shounen Jump had already confirmed the mystery game to be Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden, but you should still check out the site to see the dragon and its four riders get filled in with colors and the site's background music take on a more orchestral flair.

The site proclaims, "It's a newly retold classic." In the introduction section, it describes the game's background story, revealing the main character's name to be Brand, of the village Horun. Events kick off on a special birthday for Brand -- the day that he is to appear in the castle for the first time to be recognized as an adult. At the castle, he meets a troubled king. The king's daughter, the princess, has been kidnapped by the Witch of the North. Brand decides to save the princess.

Four warriors meet, part, fight and build a relationship of trust as they save the world.

Four Warriors of Light appears to have a lot in common with Square Enix's Final Fantasy III and IV DS remakes. It's being developed by Matrix, the Japanese studio that worked on those two titles. The game's producer is Tomoya Asano (previous work on DS's FFIII and FFIV as well as the Fullmetal Alchemist series). As detailed last week, the game's character designer and art director is Akihiko Yoshida (Ogre Battle Saga, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, DS's FFIII). Sound director is Tomohiro Kamiya (DS FFIIII, FFIV and FFIV The After). In the director's cubicle is Takashi Tokita (FFIV, FFIV The After, Hanjuku Heroes).

Tokida and Asano delivered messages at the site. Tokida referred to the game as a powerful adventure story that offers the" fresh feeling of excitement that only games could provide" and the "tension that was fun because it was a game" (his use of the past tense appears to be a hint at a retro feel to the game). Asano described the concept as "a classic fantasy RPG using today's technology," something that he says was true for the DS versions of FFIII and FFIV as well. "The charms of the classic RPG era before RPGs became JRPGs," he says.

First screens from Four Warriors of Light.

Square Enix only a few details today on the game outside of what was shared in the Jump article. Players can look forward to a variation of the FF series' job system. Using the game's "Crown System," you'll be able to freely select your character's job. The company also confirmed something from the Jump story: your character's equipment will bring about graphical changes.

According to the site's spec page, Four Warriors of Light will hit the DS this Fall and will offer play for between one and four players. The Jump article did not detail a multiplayer component for the game, so we'll have to wait for a future update from Square Enix.

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