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Capcom Shares Monster Hunter 3 Trailer and Promo Plans

Game to be promoted by celebrity with almost 5,000 hours play experience.


Capcom kicked off another promotional phase for Monster Hunter 3 over the weekend. In addition to a Friday Tokyo press conference where it detailed its upcoming plans for the game, it held an early invite-only public demo event on Saturday and Sunday. Here's all the details as reported at the major Japanese sites.

First up, a must-see video. Capcom aired a new promotional video for the game at its Friday press conference. Today, it distributed the clip to the media. The clip offers a look at many of the monsters and areas that have been revealed over the past few months, and also includes some unannounced monsters. Stream it here:


Outside of the trailer, the press conference was packed with announcements for the series.

A Dengeki Online report lists some major names in attendance at the event. Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto, MH3 producer Ryouzou Tsujimoto (the former's son) and MH3 director Kaname Fujioka were joined by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, who praised the "energy" being placed into the creation of the game. "This game challenges the limits of the Wii," said Iwata. "Coming this far is not simple. As a hardware maker, it's rare to come into contact with this kind of game."

Fujioka and Tsujimoto (Ryouzou) got into specifics on the game, with Fujioka disclosing the existence of an item exchange facility. Using this facility, you can exchange certain materials for other materials. The lineup of available materials changes daily. Previously, gathering materials required using your Zenny money or taking on quests.

There's also somewhat of a unique rank system built into the game. You start off having to bunk up with another hunter in the game's guest house facility. However, rise in rank, you'll get your very own room and also gain access to more items for decorating your interior. You have the option of unlocking your room and allowing other hunters to come over for a visit.

Fukuoka also revealed the existence of a handy chat feature that's new for MH3. In the past, when a player was out on a quest, you couldn't call him back even if you wanted to adventure together. In MH3, players who are out on quests have their names shown in a different color. You can now call out to these players and ask them to join you on your quest. If they select to return, you'll head out together.

Other details announced at the press conference concerned Capcom's promotional plans for the game.

Capcom will be tapping three celebrities to appear in the game's commercial campaign: Satoshi Tsumobuki (total series play time 374 hours), Satoshi Inoue (total play time 4,904 hours), and Anna Ishibashi (total play time 3 hours). If it's surprising to see Capcom disclose the play time of its image characters, see this story about Portable 2nd G's billboard advertisements.

The company will also be holding the second installment in its Monster Hunter Festa series of events. Following up on MHF '08, Monster Hunter Festa '09 will feature a tournament to determine the top hunter in Japan, a live gathering area for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G players, stage events with the MH series developers, and goods sales.

The event will hit five cities: Tokyo (8/23), Osaka (8/30), Nagoya (9/6), Fukuoka (10/4) and Sapporo (10/11). October 25 will see the finals tournament, held in Tokyo's Roppongi area.

While the completion ceremony event was opened only to press, the Premium demo event that followed on Saturday and Sunday were for the public. This invite-only event was for members of the Monster Hunter series official "Mon-bu" fan club.

According to Dengeki Online, players were given a chance to play through a two player quest challenge area and also try out a four player online area. Capcom also made available goods, both for sale and display.

Tsujimoto (Ryouzou) and planner Shintaro Kojima were in attendance at the the event and shared some commentary with Dengeki. Tsujimoto noted that the game has gone gold. "It's Monster Hunter, but it gave the feeling of making a new title," he said of MH3's development.

Players down in Osaka and Nagoya will get a chance at their own early demo event on, respectively, July 12 and July 19.

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