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Tales of VS Goes Playable

Sony shows something of merit at upcoming Experience! PlayStation event

Try out Tales of VS ahead of its August 23 release.

Sony's Experience! PlayStation event series has made a number of stops at various locations in the Tokyo area over the past year. Next up for the demo event is Osaka and Kanagawa.

On July 11, the demo event will appear at Hankyu Umeda Station in the Osaka area. August 1 will see an appearance at the Lalaport Yokohama facility in Kanagawa.

Unlike most Experience! PlayStation events, Sony will actually be showing unreleased software at these two outings. In addition to already released games like My Summer Vacation 4 (PSP) and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP), attendees will get to try out Toro to Mori Mori (PS3), Katamari Damacy Tribute (PS3), Pro Baseball Spirits 6 (PS3), Powerful Pro Baseball Portable 4 (PSP), and -- here's the biggie -- Tales of VS (PSP) ahead of their release.

The Versus display will only be for the Kanagawa showing, but Osaka attendees should note that everything besides that in the above list will have already been released by the time of the Kanagawa show.

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