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Chibi Robo Goes Gambling

Ways to earn money to build up your "richness."


Just a tiny update today on Chibi Robo's latest outing. Following up on last week's proper unveiling of the game, Dengeki filed a report today revealing the presence of an in-game casino. You can make Chibi Robo head out to the casino in order to earn money.

This gambling aspect of the game appears to be a part of the new "Rich" theme that's mentioned in the game's full title, "Chibi Robo Happy Rich Big Cleaning!". As with past Chibi Robo games, Chibi can collect "Happies" by helping people out and making them feel happy. But as a new feature for the game, he can also collect "Riches" by making people feel rich. It was originally unclear what Nintendo meant by "rich" (the game's name uses the English language term, which can have multiple meanings) but it does appear to have monetary meanings.

In addition to earning money through gambling, you can also, as previously detailed, syphon treasures from dust that you pick up while on your cleaning duties. These treasures can be traded in for money. The money that you earn either via treasures or through gambling can be used to reform Jenny's home and add new furniture that you purchase through a television shopping channel.

It's unclear what types of gambling the game has in its casino. Screenshots show Chibi playing a card game of some form.

Chibi plays cards and buys new furniture.
Finding treasures in the house's dust.
Reforming Jenny's home.

Any remaining mysteries surrounding Chibi Robo's latest DS outing should be cleared up soon. The game is due out for release on July 23.

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