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New Way of the Samurai Games on the Way

New PSP port of Way of the Samurai 2 to offer preview of new entry in series.

The last Way of the Samurai game hit PS3, then was later ported to Xbox 360.

An online retailer recently posted a listing hinting at multiple new entries in Spike's Way of the Samurai series.

The listing is actually just for Way of the Samurai 2 Portable, a PSP version of the second Way of the Samurai game. Previously unannounced, this is due for release on September 3.

As with the PSP version of the first Way of the Samurai, which hit the system last September, players can look forward to a number of PSP-only refinements, including a 20% increase in character movement speed, a data install option for cutting down load times, and the ability to forward through event scenes. The game also features a new "Challenge Mode" where you make use of four popular characters to clear through enemy-filled maps and strengthen your weapon.

The real point of interest for Way of the Samurai fans is a bonus that Spike will be including with the game. Buyers will be able to view a trailer clip for the next entry in the Way of the Samurai series.

Could this be our first look at Way of the Samurai Online? Unlikely, as that was announced for Xbox 360. Perhaps we'll be getting our first look at Way of the Samurai 4?

We'll have to wait until September to find out!

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