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Nikkei Reports on Nintendo's Demo Play Feature

Paper refers to controversial new feature as "skip functionality."


Japanese news sources appear to be picking up on Nintendo's "demo play" feature. Nikkei posted a story on the controversial concept yesterday, referring to it as "Skip Functionality."

Demo Play was first reported on by USA Today following last month's E3. Set to debut in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the feature allows players to pause the game and select an option to have upcoming sections automatically played for them. This is something that's meant to be used by players who find certain areas of a game to be particularly difficult.

The Nikkei report confirms that the feature will appear first in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is due out this Fall. The paper also says that Nintendo plans on using it in subsequent games, mostly focused on high speed action games. The feature will be used both in console and portable games.

In implementing this feature, Nintendo is taking into consideration players who've moved away from gaming after having repeatedly given up on up games midway through the play experience, the paper reports.

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