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Check Out the SaGa 2 Accessory Set

Make your own SaGa themed DSi for a 10th the cost.


Is that SaGa 2 DSi bundle too pricey for you? Don't fret! Gamers on a budget will have an option for building their own SaGa themed DSi unit.

As usual, Hori is doing the honors here. The company opened up an information page yesterday for the SaGa 2 Godess of Destiny Accessory Set. The DSi-exclusive set can make your system look like this:

Included in the set is a protect case, a long stylus, and a cleaner strap, all themed around the Square Enix remake. The case allows you to swap out DS cards and SD cards, connect head phones, insert and remove the stylus, adjust volume, and charge your system without problem.

Look for this latest official accessory set from Hori on September 17 opposite SaGa 2's retail release. Pricing is set at ¥1,890.

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