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White Knight Chronicles Gets New Quest and Update

Defeat giant insects in Cradle Plains, and talk about it using new message board feature.


Sony and Level-5 are making available today the latest free quest download for White Knight Chronicles.

Players will be able to download Heigen ni Tsudou Kyodai Mushi, whose name roughly translates to The Giant Insects That Gather in the Field. The quest begins following reports of giant insects in Cradle Plains. Eleven security agents were dispatched to take the insects out, and now you have to rescue them!

This quest requires guild rank 8 and has suggested level of 41. Those who attempt the quest may be able to get their hands on materials for making a new equipment series, "Daimadoushi."

To the right, the new equipment line.

The quest also adds a new message board feature to the game's Geonet online community service. This can be useful for gathering party members for your online adventures.

Updated functionality for Geonet.

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