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Nintendo Planning to Sell Wii Fit Plus for Cheap?

Plus, possible release information for the DS and Wii's Fall lineup.

If you already have the Balance Wii Board, you won't have to pay too much for more Wii Fit content.

The reliable Rambling Man blog has posted release information for some of Nintendo's biggest upcoming games. Included in the info is a surprising price for the sequel to one of the Wii's biggest hits thus far.

Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love leads the way on August 6. Despite two full previews in Famitsu, the true nature of this game is still somewhat of a mystery. See IGNDS for a story about the game posted by my "friend" John Tanaka.

DS owners also have Level 5's Sloane & MacHale's Mysteries 2 and Inazuma Eleven 2 to look forward to on, respectively, September 3 and October 1. These dates were previously announced, but the blog says that Inazuma will be released across two versions.

For Wii owners, the fun starts on September 17, with underwater simulator Forever Blue 2. Two weeks after that, on October 1, Nintendo will release Wii Fit Plus.

This is where that surprising pricing comes into the picture. Nintendo will apparently be charging just ¥2,000 for the software-only version of its fitness sequel! This means that if you already have the Balance Wii Board, there'll be no excuse not to upgrade.

This information isn't officially official in the official sense, but Rambling Man is one of those mysterious blogs that always gets this sort of thing right. Don't be surprised if you hear a proper announcement from Nintendo in the not-so-distant future.

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