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Hori Kicks off Twin Sticks Sales

Pricey peripheral on the way for sure. Hori shares final design image.


Sega confirmed this on its own through the Virtual On developers blog last week, but today Hori made it official. The Xbox 360 Virtual On Twin Sticks peripheral is indeed on the way, and orders are now being taken at the company's online shop.

Formally known as the Twin Sticks EX, this peripheral was first announced in early June as a made-to-order device. Hori would only be producing enough units to meet pre-orders. Furthermore, if it did not reach a preset threshold, it would cancel the product.

Despite a steep ¥30,000 price point, it appears that Hori met the required threshold (the exact number was never announced, but Sega said it was around 1,500). The company posted notice on the 3rd that the product would be going into production, and formally started sales today.

[NOTE: I previously reported here that official sales would begin at a future date. This was based off old information. Official sales have begun as of today.]

The company also shared a final, post spec-change version of the device. It's shown here with the original design to the left.

Old version (left) and new version (right).

Different from the pre-orders, those who place an order for the device now will be required to make payment via web money or bank transfer. Those who are interested in the product should note that there are some high cancelation fees of up to ¥25,000 depending on payment method. It would perhaps be best to make sure you want the product before placing an order.

Hori says to expect the product to ship between mid November and early December. This appears to be a slight delay from the previously announced November time period.

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