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I made a slight update to the site, at long last allowing readers to post comments in articles. It all looks a little something like this:

At present (this is just a temporary thing), the comment feature makes use of a widget provided by Facebook. The widget allows Facebook users to log in to their accounts and post under their own names, with the option of having their comments posted directly to their news feed (Wall). Anonymous users can also make posts, but they'll have to go through one of those annoying capcha steps.

I'l be expanding comment and user account functionality on the site in the near future, so I'd definitely suggest that you use your Facebook account if possible. If you don't want your name or a link to your Facebook account to appear on the site, you can disable this information in your Facebook privacy settings. This was done by the second commenter in the above image, and his name and profile information now only appears to those who are friends with him on Facebook.

The comment feature is a bit early, so I don't have an actual method of being alerted when someone makes a post. As such, I may end up not responding to threads. I'll be putting in an alert system for myself shortly, but if you're particularly interested in telling me something (or sending me pictures of your hot sister taking a shower -- please get her permission first, but make her act like she's unaware), do not hesitate to use the site contact form.

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