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Square Enix Shares Final Fantasy IV The After Schedule

Weekly releases planned for various chapters of FFIV sequel.


Final Fantasy IV The After Years is coming to Japanese WiiWare following its overseas debut. Today, Famitsu.com came through today with one important piece of information that was missing from Square Enix's announcement last week: a release schedule.

Like its mobile counterpart, the WiiWare version of the FFIV sequel is split into multiple chapters. Following the main volume's release on July 21, Square Enix will offer "free scenario" chapters focusing on individual heroes. The release schedule for these, according to Famitsu.com, is as follows:

  • 7/28: Rydia Chapter
  • 8/4: Yang Chapter
  • 8/18: Palom Chapter
  • 8/25: Edge Chapter
  • 9/1: Porom Chapter
  • 9/8: Gilbert Chapter
  • 9/15: Tsuki no Min Chapter
  • 9/29: Shingetsu Chapter Hoshikui

On mobile platforms, the last chapter was released in multiple volumes. The WiiWare release for the other free scenarios appears to follow the mobile version closely, although the mobile version's Cain and Ceodore scenarios are included in the initial July 21 download.

The initial download will go for 800 WiiPoints. Subsequent chapters will sell for between 300 and 800 WiiPoints.

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