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FishEyes Set for WiiWare

Three modes of play in downloadable fishing game.


In addition to your tennis racket and golf club, the Wiimote is a perfect match for a fishing rod, thus explaining the countless games with fishing mini games.

But this latest WiiWare release is no mini game! Marvelous has announced a full fishing game for the service. FishEyes Challenge will be available today (July 14) at 500 WiiPoints.

FishEyes Challenge allows you to sample three modes of play in a single stage. Challenge Mode requires that you catch a certain number of a certain type of fish; clear the requirements, and the fish types will increase. Free mode allows you to freely fish as you please. There's also a ranking mode.

The game links up its save data with FishEyes Wii, allowing your progress in the download version to be reflected in the full retail release, and vice versa.

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