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Sneak Peak Inside Project Sora

Check out the stylings of the studio tasked with making a future Nintendo killer app.


Project Sora is a new company formed earlier this year by Nintendo and Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai to create a new game project. Since the February announcement, however, we've heard nothing about the new game, except for a few jokes surrounding a Made in Ore mini-game produced by Sakurai.

There was one recent, development, however. Project Sora updated its official website with a look inside its new office. While the pics are being provided to give potential job applicants a glimpse at where they would be working, there's nothing stopping you from taking a look.

The Project Sora office is located in a newly constructed building near Idabashi Station in central Tokyo. The building is so new, the page notes, that it's not on Google Maps.

The left pic shows meeting rooms and the reception area. The office has four meeting rooms and one reception area. To the right, you can see part of the development area. Each seat has twin monitors, according to the site.

To the left, a small meeting room. To the right, a room that's planned to eventually be used for debugging. There's nothing to debug yet, so they use it for other things, like interviews.

This pic shows the company's video meeting system. The page notes that they can have meetings with Kyoto (Nintendo's Japanese headquarters) and Nintendo of America.

To the left, the main meeting room. To the right, a sound booth. The sound booth is sound proof, but as you can see it doesn't have any equipment yet.

Finally, their AV space. They've got hardware old and new.

Project Sora will be accepting applicants through August. The official site says they're particularly hopeful for motion, 2D menu and effect staff.

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