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Warner Delivers Movie Downloads to Wii

Batman Begins, Last Samurai, Free Willy, 2001 and more hit Everyone's Theater Wii service tomorrow.


Wii's "Everyone's Theater Wii" video download service will be getting a flood of new movies shortly thanks to a tie-up with a major Hollywood studio. Fujisoft announced today that it has signed a license with Warner Entertainment Japan and Warner Brothers Digital Distribution to offer content on the video on demand service.

The first Warner content will become available tomorrow. The service will take delivery of 54 titles, including such hits as Batman Begins, Contact, Free Willy, Goonies, Last Samurai, 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Among these, Benjamin Button is notable, and not just for its critical acclaim. The downloadable version's release comes simultaneously with the start of Blu-ray and DVD sales and rentals.

A press statement from Fujisoft (Japanese) noted that Warner plans on continuing to offer new content to the service beyond these 54 titles.

Everyone's Theater Wii (known in Japanese as "Minna no Theater Wii") is a video-on-demand service from Fujisoft. To access the service, Wii owners must download a 500 WiiPoint browser and viewing app. DVD-quality video content can then be rented with 48 hour viewing periods for 300 WiiPoints. This is about the same price as a DVD rental.

The service kicked off in January, but was initially focused on anime. Last month saw the full start of movie availability with a tie-up between Fujisoft and Sonic Solutions' Cinema Now Service.

For a look at the service and its lineup see the Everyone's Theater Wii official site. The site has yet to be updated with the new Warner content.

Coinciding with this latest development for the service, Fujisoft will be holding a campaign that will give 1,000 lucky Wii owners a 1,000 WiiPoint point card. To get your name in the drawing, you'll have to download the Everyone's Theater Wii app between July 15 and August 31.

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