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My Life as a Dark Lord Gets First Stage Download

Plus, an Echoes of Time cat costume.


Square Enix's download content for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord has thus far been limited to items and stage gimmicks. Today, the company made available something more substantial: a stage pack!

The new stage pack is "Nerawareta Maou no Vacansu," which roughly translates to "Vacation of the Demon King who's Being Targeted." This 500 WiiPoint pack includes 15 stages set in a new world. The only requirement for playing is that you've cleared the main game.

Outside of the stage pack, Square Enix made available the usual selection of costumes, monsters and items. A 200 WiiPoint "Sherlotta Cat Dress" is themed around Echoes of Time heroine Sherlotta and starts you off with 50 NP. The 200 WiiPoint Death Night is an L-sized monster that takes up two spaces. Items include quake and curaga, priced at 100 WiIPoints each, and Bangle of Hopelessness, priced at 200 WiiPoints.

Mira's new Echoes of Time costume.
To the left, Quake. To the right, the new world.

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