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Everyone's Nintendo Channel Updated

Vote on your favorite games and view high quality videos.

The new Everyone's Nintendo Channel.

The official source for early Nintendo videos and demos got a major update today. Power up your Wii, and you'll be able to update the Minna no Nintendo (Everyone's Nintendo) Channel, unlocking a host of new features.

Nintendo highlights five changes for the Channel:

  • The Channel now shows a recommended ranking based off user votes.
  • You can now cast recommendations for DS software
  • You can select video quality between high quality and standard quality. The selection is made when you start up the channel for the first time.
  • You can save software information to a favorites list
  • You can now see play records of games that you've played along with play records of your recommended games.

The Channel also features a new interface. You can get a look, complete with video, at the Channel's newly updated official site. (the video link is below the main textual description).

To get the update, you'll have to redownload the Channel from the Wii Shopping Channel.

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