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Check Out the Stars Playing Monster Hunter 3

What does someone who's played Monster Hunter for 4,904 hours look like?


Capcom is once again tapping into Japan's entertainment world to promote Monster Hunter 3. Apparently, there are a bunch of celebrities who've invested hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of hours on the series, and Capcom will be using this to promote the game.

Today, the company shared a look at three of its star-packed commercials. They feature the following three:

From left to right:

  • Satoshi Tsumabuki: series play time 374 hours (impressive!)
  • Satoshi Inoue: series play time 4,904 hours (sheesh!)
  • Anna Ishibashi: series play time 3 hours (that's more like it!)

Tsumabuki's commercial shows a battle against Ragiakurus.

Inoue's spot shows a fight against Kurupeko.

Virgin Monster Hunter Ishibashi couldn't possibly go at the game on her own, so she's part of a spot about online play. This one is set in the snow stage that was shown only recently.

All spots have the catch phrase: "Welcome to the Monster Kingdom."

You can see the spots in motion at the Monster Hunter 3 official site.

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