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Atlus Teases New Game

New game appears to have outer space theme.


Atlus joined the teaser countdown site today with -- well, with a teaser countdown site, of course.

Access new.atlusnet.jp, and following a message that reads "The appearance of a destroyed land. That's an unavoidable fate," you'll see this:

Dragging your mouse around the image, and you may see a an outerspace background. As you do so, a few quotes appear over the panels:

  • "Don't forget yourself"
  • "This is what it looks like inside?"
  • "Let's work together for the future of humanity!"
  • "We are 'hope'!"
  • "South Pole"
  • "You purposely came from a prosperous country to die?"

There's also mention of a ship named "Red Sprite." This is just a sampling, as it seems that the quotes appear at random.

The background and some of the quotes suggest that this could be a futuristic space themed game. The page promises a full unveiling on July 24.

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