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SFIV Blog Celebrates One Year Anniversary and Viper's Bday

This wallpaper of Viper, Cammy, and Sakura will make you long for the beach.


Tomorrow is the big one year anniversary for Street Fighter IV's arcade version. It's also Crimson Viper's birthday.

Capcom celebrated at the SFIV official blog with a wallpaper showing Viper on a beach with Sakura and Cammy sparring in the distance.

You can download a full version of the wallpaper at the SFIV download page.

Natsuki Shiozawa, the blog's writer, comments that seeing Viper's body line against the against the blue sky and sea and the white sand makes her wants to have shown the character in swim wear.

But, guess the fully clothed Viper will have to do!

Shiozawa also asks that we don't ask for Viper's age.

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