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Pachinko Website Removes Persona 5 Statement

Dreams of a PS3 Persona dashed?


Looks like someone at Atlus might have caught wind of all those Persona 5 stories that started popping up over the long weekend (Monday was a holiday here). A story at Pachislot information site 7-rush was suddenly updated today to remove a brief mention of Persona 5 that started the whole fuss.

The story is pictured here, old version to the left, new version to the right. The Persona 5 text is highlighted in pink.

Old (left) and new (right). The text of note is highlighted in pink (unless you're into videogame-themed pachinko machines, in which case the text of note is not highlighted in pink).

As reported here yesterday, a number of Japanese gaming blogs over the weekend picked up on an 7-rush story from earlier this month covering a press conference about a pachinko machine based around the Shin Megamitensei series. A blurb at the end of the article mentioned that Persona 5 was scheduled to be announced for the PlayStation 3.

The 7-rush removal was not accompanied by an explanation, so it's unclear if the removal was made following an Atlus request.

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