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Square Enix Offers Glimpse at Final Fantasy XIII Development

Foley Sound Effects add personal touch to PSICOM soldiers.


Square Enix's quiet promotional campaign for Final Fantasy XIII took a new direction today with the opening of a "Report" section at the game's official site. This section appears to offer behind-the scene glimpses into various aspects of the game's development.

The first report is about Foley Sound Effects. These are sound effects like footsteps and prop movements where the sound synchronizes to movements on screen.

On the first page of the report, you'll see a video clip showing the creation of the walking sound effect for PSICOM soldiers. The page notes that there are multiple PSICOM soldiers around Vanille, and as they each walk differently, their sounds had to be recorded individually.

The second page consists of a series of images from a Foley Sound recording studio. The visitor is asked to guess what sound effects will be produced by the equipment.

For those keeping up with FFXIII development partners, the page thanks Square Enix Sound Team and audio consulting firm DiMAGIC for their cooperation in the photography for the feature.

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