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Birth Baby Hamsters in Live With Hamster Sequel

One hamster raising sim just wasn't enough.


Interchannel's Live With Hamsters pet raising sim is getting a sequel, and this time the star attraction is hamster sex!

In Motto! Hamster to Kurasou Akachan ga Umareta yo (More! Live With Hamster -- Baby is Born), you take care of a digital hamster using the same basic gameplay systems as in the 2006 original. The big new feature here is that you can introduce your virtual pet to that of a friend, making a couple which eventually leads to the birth of a baby hamster!

Your responsibilities differ when raising this new addition to your hamster farm. Among your new activities, you have to feed the baby milk and water and turn it over as it sleeps.

Other activities for interacting with baby and full grown hamsters alike include mini games to help build your friend up. You can let your hamster outside of its cage to feed it, weigh it, brush it, and perform other care duties. Make the hamster happy, and you'll get a star. These can be exchanged to make additions to your cage.

The game also includes a photo album feature. You can store up to 32 pictures of your hamster. If you have two hamsters in your cage, you can make them line up for a pair shot.

This hamster raising followup hits the DS this Fall.

Pairing up two hamsters.
Caring for your hamsters outside of the cage.

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