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Final Fantasy Gaiden's Crown System Detailed

Equip over 20 types of crowns in the latest take on the Job System.


Simple appears to be the rule in Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden. But there is some complexity to the game's character growth in the form of the Crown System. Square Enix recently shared details via the game's official site.

Battles in this Final Fantasy side story use a basic turn-based menu driven system. The only difference from your traditional RPG is that you select commands by pointing to large panels on the bottom screen.

The Crown System is the Four Warriors of Light implementation of that classic of Final Fantasy growth systems, the Job System. You equip equip crowns -- pieces of head equipment -- to your character to change the character's abilities. You'll find over 20 types of crowns for all the classic Final Fantasy jobs like Black Mage, Entertainer, and Warrior.

As shown in the shots, you can see the effects of a crown immediately in the character stat screen. The stats to the right of the character image read, from top to bottom, power, intellect, spirit, attack, defense, and magic defense.

Be sure and check out the official site's "System" area for some videos of the game that show just how lovely the stylistic visuals look in motion. Also access the "Download" section for a wallpaper.

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