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Dengeki DS&Wii Closes Shop

Nintendo centric magazine releases final issue today.


The latest magazine to fall victim to... well, I'm sure it's something... is Dengeki DS & Wii. The all-Nintendo magazine closed shop with its 13th issue, which hit news stands today complete with a sexy Monster Hunter 3 cover and 50 pages of coverage for the upcoming Wii smash.

Dengeki DS & Wii is one of two DS and Wii centered magazines in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki series. The magazine was originally seasonal, but, according to Hachimaki, the publisher switched it to a monthly format about a year ago.

ASCII also publishes Dengeki Nintendo DS. Dengeki DS & Wii has a more adult feel to it, compared to Dengeki Nintendo DS's comic-style presentation that's only readable if you're five or younger.

A post at the magazine's official blog confirmed that this would be the final issue, but did not provide a reason. However, in the post, the magazine's editorial staff assured readers that they'd be able to meet in some form in the future.

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