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Direct Video Downloads Hit PSP

Now you can download video rentals without a PS3 or PC


Sony took a major step towards an all download PSP platform today as it gave the system direct access to video content at the PlayStation Store.

While the PSP has had direct access to game content from the online shop since last year, users have until now had to download movies and anime through their PS3 or PC. Today's update eliminates the middleman, potentially making for a more convenient download process.

Download pricing remains unchanged from downloads to the PS3. The rules also stay the same. Downloaders can view programs for up to 72 hours and can copy the programs to the PS3.

The PSP version of the video store.

Coinciding with this new service, Sony made available today new pieces of video content. Toro to Tabi Suru The Movie, a Fuji TV movie starring Sony's mascot cat character Toro, is available in SD and HD for, respectively, ¥500 and ¥600. The anime Beck is also available as of today, with each episode priced at ¥200.

Sample of the PlayStation Store video content.

Different from the video stores in other territories, Sony's Japanese store is almost entirely focused on anime. Episodes are rented out for ¥200 and up, with new episodes added weekly.

The Japanese video store has over 90 titles with over 1,000 episodes on offer.

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