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New Club Nintendo Goodies

A Kirby frisbee, a Mario & Luigi RPG soundtrack and more!


It's been a long time in coming, but Nintendo finally gave its Club Nintendo rewards page an update today with a bunch of new upcoming items.

The following items are now available for exchange or will become available in September.

Kriby Frisbee

A 20cm nylon frisbee featuring Kirby. Available now at 350 points.

Animal Crossing Magnet Clips

A set of five 4x4cm magnet clips. The magnetic part is on the back of the clip. Available now for 300 points.

Zelda Poster Set

Includes three Zelda posters: Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass at 73x52cm, and Historical Link Poster at 42x73cm. Available now at 250 points.

Animal Crossing Storage Case

A build-it-yourself storage box featuring characters from Animal Crossing City Folk. At 21x26x15cm, it's the perfect size for holding your Wiimotes, Nunchucks and even steering wheel. Available at 250 points.

Original Case

These cotton cases are available in red and blue and have a Mario interior design. Size is 4x18x4cm. Available now at 200 points.

Mario & Luigi RPG Sound Selection

This soundtrack includes a total of 33 songs -- 18 from Mario & Luigi RPG 3, 9 from Mario & Luigi RPG, and 6 from Mario & Luigi RPG 2. Those who've registered already or do register by September 30 their points from Mario & Luigi RPG 3 can get it for 250 points. Everyone else will have to pay 400 points. This will be available in September.

Nintendo DSi Cover

A DSi cover measuring 8x13.5x2.5cm, these will be available in orange, beige, and navy colors. Available in September at 200 points.

DS Card Case 18

A 12.5x13.5x1.5cm plastic case for storing up to 18 DS carts. Includes two cover sheets: Mario & Luigi and Peach & Toad. Available in September at 150 points.

Club Nintendo users can access these new presents at the Club Nintendo rewards page.

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