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Date Set for Super Robot Taisen Neo

Namco Bandai shares a final release date and gives a look at a super special bonus item.


The latest in Super Robot Wars is almost at hand. Namco Bandai Games announced today a final release date for Super Robot Wars Neo and also gave a glimpse at the game's pre-order bonus.

This new Wii entry in the popular strategy series hits on October 29. Namco Bandai will be charging ¥8,379, which while a bit high for your typical Wii game, isn't too extreme for a Super Robot Wars title.

Super Robot Wars Neo offers the same strategic gameplay as past entries in the series, but makes some updates courtesy of the switch to full 3D for both maps and units. You can now freely move your units around through direct control via the Wiimote and Nunchuck. This has lead to a removal of the grids that many have come to expect from the game's maps.

The game includes mechs from fourteen classic productions, including Mazinger Z, Daitei-oh, and G Gundam. You can see a full lineup at the game's official site.

Older screenshots of Super Robot Taisen neo.

Those who pre-order the game will be given the Super Robot Taisen Neo Official Reference Book. This forty page full color book includes introductions to the related works, art galleries, and commentary from the voice actors and creators.

The bonus item.

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