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Tales of Festival DVD Dated

See what went down in Yokohama last month.


Namco Bandai's Tales of Festival fan event saw its second installment last month. As with last year's debut installment, the company will be offering those who couldn't attend a chance to see what went down via a DVD release.

The Tales of Festival 2009 DVD set will be released on October 2. Pricing is set at ¥7,140.

The jacket for the DVD release.

This is a "set" in that it contains two DVDs, one each for the afternoon and evening versions of the June 14 show. Buyers can look forward to talk shows and skits, much of which differed depending on the showing. In addition, the set will include bonus promotional footage, specifics about which have yet to be shared.

Only 8,000 tickets were sold across the two showings, meaning a good number of Tales fans were probably unable to attend. Those who'd like a glimpse at what went down now have their chance.

Pictures from the event, handed out today by Namco Bandai.

Namco Bandai promises more details on the DVD to come at the Tales of Festival official site.

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