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Capcom Makes Big Monster Hunter Push

Soundtracks, tournaments and more as MH3's release nears.


Can you just feel the impending release of Monster Hunter 3? Capcom is certainly doing its part to make sure the game and series stay in the headlines, with frequent media updates and, today, a total of three Monster Hunter related announcements.

The company announced today a new soundtrack for the series, some stylish new goods for the series, and new details on the upcoming Monster Hunter Festa event with a particular emphasis on MH3's role at the event.

The soundtrack is called Monhan Ongakubu (Monster Hunter Music Club) Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary. It's being released through Ariola Japan and includes music as performed by artists who just happen to be major Monster Hunter fans. Leading the group is Seamo. The popular artist will be joined by abingdon boys school and other major names.

Look for this soundtrack on September 30. Further details will be shared in coming updates.

Seamo performs a tribute to Monster Hunter.

For the latest Monster Hunter goods offerings, Capcom will be releasing new bags and pouches. The Enamel Shoulder Bag runs ¥4,725 and sports a guild mark along with the Monster Hunter name. The Roll Boston Bag and Pouch run, respectively, ¥4,200 and ¥1,575 and feature a colorful design with mascot characters Airu and Meraru.

These items will be available starting July 29 through e-Capcom and convenience store Circle K Sunkus.

Finally, details on Monster Hunter 3's role at the upcoming Monster Hunter Festa event.

As previously detailed, this year's installment of the annual fan event will tour Japan starting on August 23 at the Makuhari Messe on the outskirts of Tokyo, then continuing on weekly to Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo, and eventually arriving back in Tokyo on October 25.

All but the October 25 Tokyo showing are open freely to the public, with no admission charge. For these showings, Capcom has a number of activities planned, including stages, a Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G live meeting ground, goods corners, food corners, and a Monster Hunter Museum.

The main attraction for the event is a Monster Hunter 3 tournament where Capcom hopes to crown the nation's top MH3 player in Japan.

Members of the official Monster Hunter Club will be able to register starting August 1 to take part in regional preliminaries for the tournament. The top eight teams from this round, handled through the game's network mode, will be able to take part in the live regional finals at the various event spaces. The top placers in these tournaments will advance to the finals, to be held on October 25 in Tokyo.

Monster Hunter 3 arrives on August 1, so those interested in participating will probably want to start practicing immediately!

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