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Namco Bandai Brings Rubber Monsters to DS

Team up in groups of three to take on Gomora, Red King and other classic beasts.


The DS has seen software of all forms, but notably absent are games with giant rubber monsters and the heroes in full body suits who off against them. That's going to change shortly.

Namco Bandai Games held a press conference in Tokyo today to detail tomorrow's Ultraman Festival 2009 event, an fan event for the Ultraman series. For gamers, the big news from the event was the announcement of Kaiju Busters, a new third person 3D action title for DS where players face off against giant rubber monsters of television lore.

The name "Ultraman" is, notably, absent from the title. The reason for this is that the game is about humans facing off against the beasts. Players team up in groups of three for the fight.

The game seems to offer considerable variety. Players will find over 500 weapons across nine categories, along with over 500 defensive items. Stages span seven planets, putting players up against over 40 beasts. The game has a mission structure, with over 300 missions on offer.

In addition to first screens, Namco Bandai shared a first video of the game, which you can view in streaming form, here.


Look for Kaiju Busters this winter. Those who can make it to the Ultraman Festival will be able to sample a demo of the game in advance.

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