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Sega Uses Mock Newspaper to Promote Wacky Sports Release

Promotional paper to feature in-ad ads.


Sega's big "Chin Series" sequel may have turned out to just be the Japanese release of Wacky World of Sports, but Sega appears to be giving the game its all as far as promotions go. Although the game was just announced last week, the company has already kicked off a somewhat viral promotion for the game: the Chin Sports Newspaper.

This mock newspaper will see monthly publication. The first one will be available today, followed by issues on August 28, September 25, October 30, and November 27. The game itself hits on October 29.

Different from Sega's mock Yakuza newspaper, which was distributed at retail, the Chin Sports paper will only be available in PDF form through the game's official site.

Sega is also trying something new with the Chin Sports newspaper. Each issue will have an advertising space. Sega will use this as a test for marketing within marketing. Advertising content will include both Sega titles and Sega partner product.

The two page debut issue offers a mini feature on the game's high school idol spokesperson Maho Matsunaga and a behind the scenes look at the staff's promotional activities at Mt. Fuji.

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