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DQIX: 3.2 Million Served

Title reaches triple platinum in third week of release.


Pertinent news for those making wagers on Dragon Quest IX sales. The Square Enix blockbuster, having reached the 2.9 million mark in sales last week, was, barring an unexpected drop in interest, scheduled to cross 3 million this week. It did just that, according to Famitsu.com.

Citing stats from Enterbrain, the site reported today total sales of 3,217,502 units for the game. This figure covers from July 11, the game's release, to July 26, the close of Enterbrain's latest tracking period.

This is the fastest sales pace ever for a DS game. The site didn't provide similar third week sales stats for DQVIII, although DQIX was tracking better than its predecessor as of last week.

DQIX was number one two weeks running in weekly sales charts from Media Create. With an additional 300,000 or so, it will likely remain number one this week as well.

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