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Watch Funny People Play Killzone 2

Sony teams FPS with comedians for unexpected promotion.


Killzone 2 was released here in Japan with the expected lack of fanfare back in April. But Sony has somehow decided that it's worth investing extra promotional dollars in the game. And so comes an unexpected promotion that pairs the gritty FPS with... comedians.

Three comedy groups, that is. Beagle 38, The Geese, and Lee the 5th will be trying out Killzone 2's Warzone online mode. The play sessions will be shown at Sony's official Nico Nico Video channel according to the following schedule:

  • 7/31: The Geese
  • 8/14: Beagle 38
  • 8/21: Lee the 5th
Left to right: Beagle 38, The Geese, Lee the 5th

According to Sony, the members of the three groups have played through more than half of Killzone 2's campaign mode, but none have tried the game's multiplayer mode.

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