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Monster Hunter Promo Item Gets a Promo Item

Head explodes.


How big is Monster Hunter? Big enough that it's promotional items get their own promotional items! That's pretty big!

Monster Hunter Caramel Corn, the latest in a vast array of Monster Hunter themed food items, hit retail today. To celebrate, Capcom is offering two free Monster Hunter Caramel Corn cellphone wallpapers. These can be downloaded from the Monster Hunter Club mobile site through August 31.

The cell phone wallpapers, to the right.

Released through Bandai Candy and produced by Tohato, the Monster Hunter Caramel Corn item is a candy designed in the image of the Monster Hunter series' honey item. The product is available at convenience stores throughout Japan. Pricing is set at open.

I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the candy is being used to promote Monster Hunter 3, which hits on August 1.

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