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See Battle Spirits In Motion

The first of two Battle Spirits conversions hits the PSP in November.


Last week, Namco Bandai announced a PSP conversion of the Battle Spirits trading card game and anime. Actually scratch that. It announced two conversions of the franchise, and both are for the PSP.

Of the two, Battle Spirits Kiseki no Hasha appears to be the farther along. It's so far along, in fact, that Namco Bandai was able to provide a bunch of screenshots and first video footage today.

You can stream the video here.


As detailed last week, this particular conversion of the franchise is an action battle game in which you move around 3D fields and summon spirits to attack your foes. In the game's story mode, you explore town, moving between areas like your school, the park, and the shopping arcade.

Battles pit you against a variety of rival characters. Using points that you've earned in battle, you can acquire additional cards which can be used to create your very own deck.

The game features two original main characters, Seiya Muteki and Renga. However, Bashin and his buddies from the current Battle spirits anime also appear in the game, to be joined by Dan, the main character from the new anime which kicks off on September 13.

Obtaining new cards from a vending machine (left) and assembling a new deck.

Namco Bandai also announced some promotional items for the game today. All buyers will receive a promotional card. Additionally, early buyers will get another bonus: the Battle Spirits Kiseki no Hasha Original Starter Kit.

The promotional card.

Look for this first of two PSP Battle Spirits games on November 12, 2009, priced at ¥5,229.

The second game, Battle Spirits Heroes Soul, is due out in 2010. Namco Bandai has yet to share details on this version.

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