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Harvest Moon Puzzle Game Set for DS

Your favorite Harvest Moon characters with potentially addictive puzzle gameplay.


Marvelous is tapping into its Harvest Moon franchise for another offshoot, offering players an all new puzzle game featuring favorite Harvest Moon characters.

As detailed at Famitsu.com, Bokumono Characters Yasai de Pon! is a DS puzzle game in which you use the stylus to move vegetable panels around on the screen, attempting to get Koro-pok-guru (the fairy creatures who appear in most of the Harvest Moon games) to gather the vegetables, earning you points and extended time.

The vegetable panels slowly grow from seed state to ripeness, whence they're picked up by the Koro-pok-guru. However, the creatures can only move between adjacent ripe panels. Your job is to line up the panels to create paths for them.

Do this with like type vegetables, and once the panels are collected, you'll get a "PON!" which makes the Koro-pok-guru gather all like vegetables in the area. You'll also occasionally find a golden vegetable on the field. Gather these, and all like-type vegetables will be cleared out regardless of ripeness.

Twelve characters from 2007's Bokujou Monogatari Kimi to Sodatsu Shima appear in the game. You can earn extra points by collecting the vegetables that the characters like.

It looks like the game will have some sort of wireless support. Famitsu.com lists both wireless play and download play, but does not get into specifics. A screenshot suggests play for up to four with multiple rules, including survival, and the ability to create teams of two.

This latest take on Harvest Moon is currently without a release date, but has been priced at ¥3,990. See the Famitsu.com article for more screenshots.

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