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Today's Monster Hunter 3 Promo

Cell phone tools (snore...) and a new countdown video (interest rising...).


Monster Hunter 3 hits in five days (inclusive!). Expectedly, Capcom is promoting the game now with daily updates.

Today's update is pretty boring, though. Just some cell phone content. Boo-hoo.

DoCoMo, au and SoftBank users can now access the Imechen Daisuki portal site for a bunch of paid cell phone tools, including a flash animation that switches from the package visual to the new fields of the game, wallpapers, ring tones, and more. Using these tools, you can change your entire cell phone experience, right down to the menu level, into a mini Monster Hunter 3.

Downloads through Imechen Daisuki cost ¥315.

A bit more exciting, Capcom updated the Monster Hunter 3 official site with the next countdown movie. It appears that new countdown clips will be available daily until launch.

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