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My Life as a Dark Lord gets Final Fantasy IV Collaborative Items

Costumes and monsters in unexpected tie-up.

The latest DLC for FFCC.

Square Enix is pairing up two of its biggest WiiWare releases of late, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a Dark Lord and Final Fantasy IV The After Years. My Life as a Dark Lord took delivery today of paid download content based off items from the FFIV sequel.

Players now have access to two new costumes based around FFIV's Rydia and Palom characters. When worn, these costumes allow you to cast, respectively, fire and cyclone magic once per stage to deal small amounts of damage those pesky encroaching heroes. Each costume runs 200 WiiPoints.

FFIV's Kaim and Palom also appears as summonable monsters. Kaim offers fast physical attacks against the heroes. Palom is skilled with magic and can cast slow to slow down the adventurers. Each monster runs 200 WiiPoints.

Also available with the update is Akumu no Tiara (Nightmare Tiara). This accessory has the "nightmare of execution" locked away within it. Once you have it, you'll start off the stage with 50 NP extra. The item goes for 200 WiIPoints.

Square Enix is also offering two new stage packs: a beginner to intermediate pack and an advanced pack. Each pack includes 8 stages and runs 300 WiiPoints. The two packs can also be purchased together for 500 WiiPoints.

An unexpected pairing of two Final Fantasy offshoots.

FFIV players don't have any My Life as a Dark Lord content to look forward to, but they can download the game's Rydia chapter, which became available today for 300 WiiPoints.

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