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Final Fantasy VII to be Bundled with PSP

The RPG classic keeps on giving.


There's a new PlayStation Portable hardware/software bundle on the way. Gran Turismo? Nope! Ys Seven? Nope nope! Welcome to Pia Carrot? Say what!?

Getting the honors this time is that classic of all PlayStation brand classics, Final Fantasy VII. Listings have appeared at Amazon.co.jp for limited edition bundles that combines a PSP-3000 system with a product code for the Game Archives version of Final Fantasy VII International. The bundles will be available in the whole array of 3000 system colors and will arrive on August 7.

While you could just buy a PSP-3000 and pay for FFVII on your own, there's a big advantage to going the bundle route. Amazon lists the bundle at ¥19,800, which is the standard price for the PSP-3000 on its own.

Neither Sony nor Square Enix have announced this bundle, so it's unclear if this is a general offering or if it's just a special Amazon deal. If it is an official offering, perhaps collectors can look forward to special packaging.

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