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Capcom Confirms Million Shipment for Monster Hunter 3

First third party game to reach platinum, says publisher.

Monster Hunter 3 brings underwater gameplay to the series for the first time.

If Monster Hunter 3 were a "normal" game, it would have seen release today, Thursday. But it's not just any old game. Capcom deemed it important enough to give it a Saturday release, and Nintendo apparently agreed and gave the game the honor of launching alongside the Wii's first color variation.

All the fuss is apparently warranted. Now two days ahead of the August 1 release, Capcom announced today that domestic shipments for the game have reached the million mark.

Word of platinum status for the game came out earlier in the week through a variety of sources, but now we have something more official, from the source.

With these strong shipments, Monster Hunter 3 has reached two major milestones. It's the first time the console-based Monster Hunter games have topped a million shipped. Capcom also noted that this is the first time a Wii third party game has reached a million units in domestic shipments.

The company also noted that the series is set to top the 10 million mark in total shipped units.

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