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Small Virtual Console Lineup For August

Final Fantasy IV, Pacmania lead the way.


If you thought July's Virtual Console lineup was thin, wait until you see August! Nintendo detailed next month's lineup today, and at present it consists of just six games.

August 4 will be somewhat busy, with Super Famicom's Final Fantasy IV hitting at 900 WiiPoints. It will be joined by Mega Drive's Pepenga Pengo from Sega at 600 WiiPoints. Namco Bandai will contribute two arcade games: Cosmo Gang the Video and Pacmania. Both will carry the usual 800 WiiPoint price tag.

Also due out in August are Mega Drive's Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure at 600 WiiPoints and Famicom's Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu Subette Koronde Dairantou at 500 WiiPoints. Dates are not yet finalized for these two.

Virtual Console Arcade games are usually not announced until the week before their release, so expect the sparse console lineup to be filled out a bit by arcade classics.

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