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Level-5 Starts Motion Capture Business

Dragon Quest IX and White Knight Chronicles developer apparently has some free time.


Fukuoka based Level-5 is working away at a White Knight Chronicles update and sequel, an Inazuma Eleven sequel and console remake, a new set of Professor Layton games, a major collaborative project with Studio Ghibli and... have I left anything out?

They're busy. But apparently not busy enough!

The studio set up a page yesterday for its latest endeavor: motion capturing. Do you want to add realistic character animations to your upcoming game? Trust your project to the Level-5 Motion Capture Studio!

According to the information at the page, Motion Capture Studio's biggest selling point is its size. Its seven meter height makes it the largest scale motion capture studio in Western Japan.

The studio also boasts high tech equipment like fourteen Vicon MX-F40 cameras which are capable of super high resolutions and framerates of up to 2000 fps, and a next generation capturing software environment called Vicon iQ2.5. The company says that this is the first time MX-F40 cameras have been used in Japan.

You can see a lavishly produced promotional clip for Motion Capture Studio under the concept section of the official site. The footage intermixes a few scenes from White Knight Chronicles, showing how motion capture contributed to the PS3 RPG.

This latest Level-5 development is, of course, targeted exclusively towards other developers. However, anyone who's into game tech may want to take a look at the site.

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