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So About that Monster Hunter 3 Newspaper...

Nothing really newsworthy, but a pretty neat poster!


If you were checking out the Ticker feed earlier, you might have seen this post. That "newspaper" was being handed out by Capcom reps to people at Akihabara train station.

Capcom reps hand out the MH3 newspaper in Akihabara.

Here's the front and the back:

And a close up look at the content:

The paper is huge -- maybe four A4 sizes put together. It would actually make for a nice poster, had I not folded it up to stick it in my bag.

The front page of the paper has a link to this site. The site says that Tokyo Headline publishes a free newspaper every week with circulation of 350,000. They also do promotions for movies, videos and so-forth, which I presume this MH3 paper falls under.

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