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Marvelous Seeks King for Little King's Story

Sign autographs, and earn a royal sum for your services.


Japan's version of Little King's Story is arriving a bit late, but it's not without some wild promotions. Publisher Marvelous Entertainment announced one of those promotions today.

Via recruiting site From A Navi, the company will be seeking out a person to play the role of King in upcoming promotions for the game. The selected individual will need to appear at game-related events and even sign autographs at retail signing events!

Marvelous is asking for four days of work in the Tokyo area spanning September 3 through September 6. You'll be paid a royal sum of ¥50,000 a day. This is so high that I'm suspicious the press release from Marvelous may have an error.

The only requirements are that you be 18 years or older and that you be willing to wear a crown, a gown, and a fake beard.

Little King's Story, under the name Ousama Monogatari, hits retail on September 3.

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